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Sports & Stuff

I recently upgraded our cable package to include more channels giving me many more options for sports as well as a really cool cable box that alerts me when my favorite teams are playing... which led me to a bit of a dilemma. 

You see, over the years I’ve gotten a lot of flack for the teams I cheer for changing. In my defense, I didn’t grow up near a team or in a home with a heavy sports emphasis - apart from the New Orleans Saints and Ole Miss. My dad was a Saints and Ole Miss fan through and through, as I am now, but I chose to not cheer for them simply to spite him - you know, like a good son does. 🤷🏻‍♂️


As a child I cheered for several NFL teams. I was a Cowboys fan rooting for Emmitt, Troy, and Michael; a huge 49ers fan because of Jerry Rice (a Mississippi native); and an even bigger Packers fan cheering for Brett Favre (another Mississippi native). So, I suppose I’ve always been more of a “player fan” versus being a fan of a particular team. I didn’t follow basketball, baseball, and to be quite honest, I didn’t know what hockey or soccer even was until I was a teenager. 😂That’s sort of true. 

You may have heard rumors about me being a Vols fan at one point... It is sort of true - when we moved to east TN, I tried to root for the Vols, but that decision just did not agree my fashion sense. 

As the Comcast/Xfinity tech showed me this amazing feature to add favorite teams, I realized my life was about to get a lot better and a lot more difficult all at once... as is often the case with life. Like when you have kids. 

Without further ado, here are my favorite teams... I hope this blesses you as much as it blessed me to pick them. 😜

College Athletics

  • Ole Miss. I’m a Mississippi native. My dad was a huge Ole Miss fan. Although, I think he would struggle to continue cheering for them in today’s politically correct environment. I struggle as well. But nonetheless, “Hotty Toddy!”

  • Also - Notre Dame. Legacy + Rudy = 🏆 



  • The New Orleans Saints. My dad was a diehard Saints fan. Even though I didn’t cheer for them during his lifetime, I have since took upon myself of Saints fandom. If only he could see them now and over the last decade...

After being robbed last year in the NFC Championship game, I’m hoping to see Drew Brees and the Saints make a valiant comeback and snag a second Super Bowl before age finally halts his stellar career.

  • The Tennessee Titans. Why? Well I live in Tennessee, and I suppose I need to cheer for at least one team in the state. Plus Mariotto is a really good guy. 


  • The Atlanta Braves. I’ve never followed baseball, but I’ve always wanted to go to major league game... and I suppose I should cheer for the Braves considering they are closest in proximity and offer me the best chance of seeing one live. Plus I have a Braves shirt.

  • For whatever reason I also possess an affinity for the Cubs. Maybe it’s the colors. Maybe it’s Wrigley Field. Maybe I just like deep dish pizza.


This is complicated…

Truth be told I used to hate basketball until a dear friend introduced me to the game in a new way during the 2013 finals. Before then, I didn’t understand the sport or possess any player knowledge. And while I am a terrible basketball player, I have become a huge NBA fan in recent years. In fact, it is my televised sport of choice these days. So here’s my list for the current upcoming season:

  • ‘96 Bulls

  • Houston Rockets. I love watching Russell Westbrook play, and I think him and James Harden together will either turn into a catastrophe or a championship. I’m hoping for the latter.  But either will be quality entertainment.

  • New Orleans Pelicans. They’re in New Orleans, and they have Zion Williamson. I hope to see him do great. 

  • Milwaukee Bucks. Giannis Antetokounmpo is simply amazing. 


  • I’m going with the Nashville Predators. They’re a home-state team. I know what their jerseys look like. Yep. There’s that. 


  • Atlanta United. A friend told me to pick them. 

Worldwide Soccer

  • Arsenal Gunners. I took a quiz and it said pick them. I know zero of their players but my tv tells me when their games are on. 😃


Ultimately, sports are for fun. But cheering for your team goes deeper than that. I think it speaks to the human desire that we want to belong to something bigger than ourselves. We want a family. A tribe. We like to dress in similar colors, chant similar cheers, and be able to join in with like-minded individuals where we smack talk our opponents. I don’t personally enjoy the fact that sports have become so politically driven, but I’m not going to let the agendas of people I have no influence over influence me. I’m just going to watch, cheer, and have fun. Because that is what sports are for - fun!

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